Shipwreck Aquarium Decoration


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Resin crafts are made of high-quality raw materials, with fine workmanship, realistic modeling, non-toxic and harmless;

The products are all hand-made by mold opening, grouting, repairing, coloring, and packaging. Customers who cannot accept small defects and small color differences, please be careful to take pictures, thank you!


Made with high-quality raw materials, non-toxic and harmless!

Soaking in water for a long time will not fade or change color!

Can decorate the aquarium, home furnishings, office desk furnishings!

Easy to clean: Use soft shabu + water to wash away the dirt!

Bright colors and fashionable styles!

Reminder: There are many styles and can be mixed with wholesale goods!

Product features (functional features and uses):

The resin crafts placed in the fish tank add a natural flavor to the fish tank! Let the fish shuttle freely, the wonderful fun of which is self-evident.

The colorful fishes suitable for seawater, freshwater and other environments freely shuttle among the green water plants, which is eye-catching. There is movement in the quiet, and the scenery is better than the painting.

Simulated aquatic plants have the advantages of no deformation, no fading, and constant preservation as new, and are suitable for landscaping and decoration in aquariums.

Pay attention to the reasons for the display, the color is slightly wrong, don’t mind buying

Manual measurement-1-2CM error


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