Purple Flower Cat Tower with Scratching Post

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Brand Name: DUTRIEUX

Origin: US(Origin)

Item Type: cat trees

Material: Wood

No. of Tiers: Three-Layer

Type: cats

32 Inches Purple Flower Cat Tower with Sisal Covered Scratching Post, Cozy Condo, Plush Perches and Fluffy Balls cat furniture 

About this item

  • Exquisite and Special: Unlike most of the flower shaped products in the market. Featured 3 rest and exercise points, this playhouse with streamlined form design uses the purple and white scratching posts supporting the white flower whose circular shape gives cats more room to put their tails as its stem. Equipped with 2 plush scratching posts in different height, this cat tree offering your cats more activity space to recreate.

  • Homelike and Cozy: The fabric material of the tree is cat-friendly and soft. Its curving platform also acts as a backrest to prop up the cats, making them more comfortable and increasing their sense of security when they curl up on for napping. Under the perch, a purple cylindrical cats Condo providing a relatively closed environment for your little cute to rest works perfectly as an warm and sweet house to your furry babies.

  • Interesting and Attractive: From a distance the white flower just like a piece of cloud floating over the cat condo. Flap the upper dangling balls while standing on the center of the white petals get extra fun. Designed for fulfilling cats scratching nature, fully natural sisal covered scratching posts are beside and on the condo which can be used as a hide-and -seek place. To get this cat tower to bring your cats a lot of fun!

  • Durable and Secure:All the pieces are solid especially the foundation. The screws connecting every parts will reinforce sturdiness for your cats to lounge or climb during thier playtime. The scratching posts made of natural sisal allow your cats to scrach and climb for a long time and keep your other furniture away from sharp cat claws as much as possible. The size of this cat tree is 31.4"Hx15.7"Wx22"L, please to make sure the size if it is suitable for your cats before your purchase.

  • Installation and Service: Following this detailed instructions, you can assemble this cat tree very quickly with all the tools and accessories included

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